Teaching Ball Screens // Video Library

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Teaching Ball Screens // Video Library

Reid Ouse

Ball screens have become more and more prevalent at the high school and youth levels because they are difficult to defend.

But are they?

You see, I watch a ton of HS and youth basketball, and while do I see a lot of ball screens set, very rarely do I see them being used effectively.

In this course we are going to breakdown basic ball screen concepts to help both players and coaches understand the purpose behind ball screens.

I believe that once we understand the purpose of the ball screen we will be better equipped to utilize the ball screen to create advantages.

I have had the opportunity to train some of the top basketball players and work alongside some of the top basketball coaches in the world. It is through that experience that this curriculum was developed.

Now you have the ability to get your hands on everything that we teach our players - from the NBA down to the youth levels!

I want this!

What's Included

Ball Screen Alignment Breakdowns
Breaking Down Ball Screen Reads
Skill Development Videos
Ball Screen Drills
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